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We intend to become Africa’s most successful developer,
producer and seller of Rice Hybrids.

Our Products


This is a very high yielding aromatic Basmati-like variety. It is 12 days later than Basmati 370, much shorter and with a lower lodging index. It has an L/W ratio of over 4.0 and most importantly, 225ppb 2-AP compared to 175 for Basmati 370.It has a 4T/ha yield advantage and a 4% milling advantage.


This is the best yielding variety in commercial use in East Africa under irrigated conditions. It is a long lodging, short, medium maturity variety with long grain and good milling


This aromatic hybrid has aroma levels equal to Pishori, but yields 4 tonnes/ha more. It has 4% advantage in milling yields. It has equal maturity, but is substantial, shorter and has lower lodging. It is longer and narrower than Pishori as well