Afritec seeds ltd is extending its collaborations to Hola small scale farmers. The farmers have come together to form a community based organization (CBO) that can access loans to promote rice farming by adopting the latest technology.

Afritec seeds ltd is soon working with the farmers on two blocks that have 28 acres each, therefore totaling to 56 acres. National Irrigation Board (NIB), Equity bank in partnership with Afritec and Hola farmers are ready to embark on the exciting journey of rice planting and development. The main agenda is to train the farmers on how rice is planted from the land preparation process up to the harvesting stage of the yields. Afritec will be the offtakers. This has been made possible because of the Hola machinery plus ready market for the milled grain.

AT054 is the main seed that has been selected for this expansion. It is an aromatic variety that has reported high yields in various parts of the country. Mwea farmers have reported a harvest of 66 bags of ninety Kg per acre. Others have reported 60 bags and most 50 bags plus, the average yields have been 50 bags so far.With these results, AT054 is definitely a farmer’s choice seed for the next planting seasons.

Afritec hope to register more farmers for training after successful experience with the current group. Afritec’s primary goal is to produce quality seeds. Seeds that will increase yields to the farmer, therefore increasing the farmers profit while retaining the market price for the yields. With increase in production in rice, leads to increase in general food production within the country, if the technology is adopted by various farmers.


Jack Osida who is one our Key farmers had received AT054,AT058 and ATH741A 8kgs of each to plant in his fields from late November.On 8th January of 2020 we were able to conduct a field day and invite other farmers together with leaders to participate in the successful journey.

AT054 performed so well,had alot of tillers and the fact that it's aromatic,gives it a more advantage.The groups were satisfied and the discussions focused on AT054 being the future for Ahero farmers.Paul Ndolo,the representative and chairman of South West Kano farmers,is more than pleased with the performance of the seed in the field.Afritec will be able to work with farmer co-operatives to improve the livelihood of farmers in Western and central Kenya.

The challenges of lack of strategic market,poor milling quality and weight have been addressed to a great extent. With our products, challenges of milling are minus.AT058 has flooded the market because of its qualities.No or very little breakages report,sweet when cooked and cooks singly in terms of the grains.The future of the farmers in Ahero has to change for the better.With the company plan and cooperation of the leaders,the lives of these farmers definitely has to be better.

The main focus is to change the mindset of farmers from just being subsistence growers, rather be business oriented.Do farming to increase profits and improve their living standards instead of living a life of hand to mouth.Getting little money, paying fees, buying food and getting back to look for more.This is a culture that we have to change and help farmers realise their potential and the potential of their fields.