Our History

The first hybrid prodution in sub-saharan Africa, 2016

The roots of the company come from the Founder’s work in the US. Starting in 1988, Dr. Mann managed the research organization within RiceTec, Inc. located in Alvin, Texas for some 16 years. During that time his team developed the first commercial hybrids in the US, Central and South America, using the TGMS (2-line) system, originally developed in China by Long Ping Yuan and his team. The work in Kenya started in 2005, when Dr. Mann was a consultant with a local rice farm. Initially using germplasm from IRRI, and the US, breeding started in 2005. By mid 2006, the effort moved out of the commercial farm, and breeding started in Malindi under the company Baobab Breeding Systems, Ltd, owned by Dr. Mann. By January 2007, a research/breeding contract had been finalized with Devgen, NV of Ghent, Belgium. .

For the next 5 years, BBSL develop some 2000 2-line female lines, which were sent to Devgen’s breeding program in India and the Philippines, where more than 20 lines were deemed commercially viable in both countries. When this contract ended in late 2011, all of the materials developed within the contract were sent off to Devgen company storage in Asia, leaving BBSL with only the base materials which have been used in the development of those advanced lines. In late 2012, a new company, again owned by Dr. Mann (Hybrids East Africa {HEAL}), received a grant to conduct hybrid rice breeding from the African Agricultural Technology Foundation, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Given the BBSL experience, reconstructing superior female lines was relative quick, given that we knew which crosses to make, and how to conduct the screening. HEAL continues in its mission to expand the use of hybrid rice in East Africa. Afritec Seeds Limited is one of the commercial partners in that projects


To positively influence the lives of African small, medium and large rice farmers by creating wealth for them from the value we build into our products.


We intend to become Africa’s most successful developer, producer and seller of Rice Hybrids

Our Journey

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